Managing the Customer Experience for Profitable Growth and Brand Dominance
by James "Alex" Alexander

Customer success is an organization philosophy and strategy that, properly implemented, will build customer loyalty, drive profitable revenue, and create brand dominance. Brilliant Customer Success defines a performance model and outlines the customer success journey that is applicable to almost any organization whether traditional or cloud, large or small, profit or non-profit, in any industry or any geography. This research-based, experience-proven book is a clear, practical, and insightful guide for anyone serious about customer success.

Brilliant Customer Success:
  • Defines customer success and related terms in meaningful, actionable ways.
  • Provides a robust customer success model flexible enough to apply in most organizations.
  • Outlines the requirements and core, best, and brilliant practices for delivering customer success.
  • Predicts the potholes on the path to performance and points out how to prevent them.
  • Elaborates the changes organization leaders must implement to move from customer success “happy talk” to purposeful action.
  • Explains the important customer success similarities and differences between the traditional on-site license model and the recurring revenue model.
  • Describes the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindsets required of the personnel tasked with delivering customer success…whatever their title.
  • Shares the key actions that will speed and smooth the customer success journey.
Customer success is highly cited but not wholly understood as a mindset, a leadership path, and an operational guide to growth. This engaging book guides you to that critical path for success!

— Jeanne Bliss
Co-Founder, Customer Experience Professionals Association
and Author of
Chief Customer Officer 2.0

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